Thursday, July 29, 2010

Chairman's Corner: Former PBA Player Yoyoy Villamin may play on Saturday, July 31st

Dear All,

The PAAD Palaro fans and the community may be in for a treat. Former Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) Player Yoyoy Villamin may play this Saturday with the Baltimore Dragons. Yoyoy Villamin, a.k.a. Bicolano Superman and also the other half of the "Bruise Brothers", played for the famous Crispa Redmanizers, Manila Beer, Sunkist and Hills Brothers in the PBA. He needs to play in the last two games of the Baltimore Dragons so that he can qualify to play in the semi-finals.

The Baltimore Dragons have already qualified for the semi-finals. Three wins is the magic number to make it in the semi-finals, and Baltimore currently has a 3-1 win loss record.

Under the PAAD Rules and Regulations, Yoyoy Villamin is eligible to play in the PAAD Tournament, since ex-PBA Players who has not played during the last 5 years in the PBA is allowed to play in the tournament. Villamin last played in the PBA in the 1990’s.

So to all basketball fans, please come to the PAL Center at 10:15 AM. Baltimore plays Wala Sa Ayos at 10:30 AM. You may be in for a treat as there is a good chance that Yoyoy Villamin will play on Saturday, July 31.

Thank you very much. Maraming salamat po.

Best regards,

Jun Rana
PAAD Sports Committee 2010


  1. mr. chairman, the bicolano superman landed somewhere in the metropolis and unfortunately because of inclement kryptonite hailstorm cannot make it to play...please let him play next saturday by picking him up with a limo instead. batman

  2. What happened to all the dragons players from last year that gave GK the best two games they ever had in the finals n semi finals of the one day tourney. Where's that half black shooter. Why would you even pick up villamin he's not young anymore and I promise he wouldn't have made an impact. Now dragons can't even get some players in playoffs because of the 2 game minimum rule. Hope coach ed has some miracle juice to give his players.